LaZagne – Password Recovery Tool for Windows and Unix

Dear readers, how are you? This a very quick post. Have you ever tested the LaZagne tool? ( You should try it because it is funny:

C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Lazagne\Windows> laZagne.exe

usage: laZagne.exe [-h] [–version]


C:\Users\Administrator\Lazagne\Windows> laZagne.exe all

——————- Skype passwords —————–

Hash_Md5 found !!!

username: alex….

hash_md5: 3081…

shema to bruteforce: alex….\nskyper\n<password>

——————- Chrome passwords —————–

Password found !!!

Username: alex…

Password: Ler43…


——————- Windows Secrets passwords —————–

[*] Local SAM hashes

Hashes found !!!





[*] LSA Secrets

Password In Hex found !!!


password in hex: 0100000083….

——————- Generic Network passwords —————–

Password found !!!

Username: tcc

Password: unx4…


——————- Outlook passwords —————–

Pop3 Password found !!!

POP3 User: alex…

POP3 Server:

SMTP Secure Connection: 0

SMTP Port: 587

SMTP Server:

SMTP Use Auth: 1

Account Name: alex…

Display Name: Alexandre Borges

POP3 Password: Zfw…

Email: alex…

——————- Wifi passwords —————–

Password found !!!

password: AMD…

authentication: WPA2PSK

protected: true

ssid: Black…

[+] 11 passwords have been found.

For more information launch it again with the -v option

elapsed time = 5.69000005722


This hint was given by my colleague Florian Roth.

Have a nice day.

Alexandre Borges.


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