5 Platforms that You Can Use to Get Freelance Writing Projects

Many people are deterred to get paid to write because they think that they need to have specific qualifications to become a freelance writer. Perhaps you think that you need to have a master’s degree in creative writing. While in some cases it is true, it is not 100% absolute.

There are a lot of mediums which open thousands of opportunities to all folks to get paid to write. The pieces of writing can be found in blogs, websites, magazines, press releases, conferences, ads, and so on. These have different qualifications to apply. And often, people without a degree in creative writing have the same opportunities to apply for the job. If you love to write and inform your readers about anything, then you are qualified as a writer. In fact, there are many platforms that you can use to get freelance writing projects. We will explain the list later.

How much can you earn? You have probably asked sort of question. The rates for freelance writing projects can vary from one to others. You could get paid from as low as $1 to as high as $10,000, or even more. That will depend on the projects. You can get paid to write for short product descriptions, articles, translation pages, and even ghostwriting a book. When deciding on how much you are willing to an aspect, consider how much time you’ll spend for researching and write a piece of article. Not to mention to count your hourly rate so that you can find the projects that are worth your time and effort.

If you are just starting, you shall be ready to accept lower-paying projects. This is not meant to disregard your achievements in education or previous works. Sometimes, you need to do this to build your portfolio as well as your brand awareness. Writing gigs are not created equal. So start with the easiest ones, mostly the cheaper ones.

There are tons of job vacancies available online. The good thing here is that you don’t have to be bond with the corporate contracts. You don’t even have to do it just like your old 9-5 job. There are many marketplaces that connect the freelance writers with the buyers. It is a great way to find individuals or groups who hire writers for temporary or long-term projects. Because there are many job vacancies scattered around, the competitions for writing projects that you can apply are also strict. It is not only the matter of numbers but also the qualifications of the writer. The best thing you can do is to apply any available writing projects which match your skills. If you have no experience in certain niches before, you could start research the niches on your own and build your portfolio. But if you don’t have time for that, you could start applying as many projects as you want. The key is to get noticed when there are companies, individuals, or groups who post the projects on the marketplace. The next thing you need to do is to sell yourself out. Approach them with your convincing proposals and get the jobs done. Consider to create a cover letter and resume so that you will be able to send the files whenever you need it.

We share the tips above to build a common ground about how the things work out there. As promised, here are 5 platforms that you can use to get freelance writing projects.


In 2017, Up Work has over 2 million clients. It was recognized as oDesk and has just changed the name in 2015. It  is one of the best freelance sites because it caters most of the fields including writing service. It accommodates both short and long-term projects. You can work hourly or per-project work with different kinds of entry levels. If you want to pursue your career in freelance writing, Work is indeed a promising site.

Elance has joined with the Upwork form 2015. Elance is a haven for all kinds of freelancers. Many have earned million dollars through this site. If you want to be a successful writer, this site can be considered as one of the aspects to reach your goals. You can make your profile right away after joining the site. Enjoy the escrow method of payment so that your effort will be secured with the site.


As the name suggests, it is the place to meet the freelancers with the buyers. With million of projects are run on daily basis, it provides a large pool of customers. Freelancer allows you to compete with others through the contests. Or perhaps you want to approach in the more modest way by bidding the projects posted by the buyer. The escrow payment has been operated for years and we don’t find any significant problems regarding it.


It is a great platform for all freelancers. If you have just started, then this site is worth checking out. You can be paid hourly or per project. The choice is yours.


Guru is also good platform for writers. It is a great platform to showcase your portfolio and find the high-end customers.


Fiverr has been around for 5 years. It is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. The good thing about this site is that you can offer your service without bidding. The customers who are interested with you gig will hit the order button and you’ll get paid as soon after finishing the order.

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