How You Can Use LinkedIn to Generate Massive Amount of Clients for Your Writing Agency

Are you using LinkedIn as your way to approach your client for your writing agency? Are you using it on regular basis? Do you happen to notice that everything you’ve done so far does not bring significant results that you want? If you do feel that way, there are ways that you can try. Whatever methods you choose, you should know that those are there to improve your rankings.  We are going to share you how you can use LinkedIn to Generate a massive amount of clients for your writing agency.

The Right Keywords

LinkedIn is undoubtedly no.1 social media for experts and professionals. Presuming that you are establishing new connections with associates to the customers, you can mostly find anyone you want to meet. But to make you visible to others, it is a different thing. Some folks may not be able to find you because you don’t set the right keywords in your profile. Considering that you are working in such specific niche, you will want to make sure that people will find you when they type the related keywords.

Give the reason that can make people follow you

You will want to make sure that each person who sees your profile will be curious about your brand or business and wants to know more. If you have such stunning profile, they will sense the chemistry and then make a connection with you. So, you can start with selecting a professional photo to describe your profile. LinkedIn is meant for professionals. So, you can’t go wrong with a professional photo. With such formal photo, you will have much better chance to attain the attention. The lack of photo means that a person is not really serious about introducing their brands or businesses.

Actively Connect

LinkedIn has a large pool of prospective customers for your writing agency. The solid proof is the fact that millions of members are joining with LinkedIn for professional purposes. They are corporates, professionals, specialists, job seekers, public figures, influencers, and other significant categories. It is important to realize that you can just sit back and relax while your profile doing the wonder. LinkedIn does not work that way. Well, the world does not work that way, anyway. People will not come to you although they probably need your services or products. LinkedIn is meant to build reciprocal connections between many parties. It can be for B2B, C2B, B2C, and so on. If you want your audience follows on what’s happening in your company, you will need to grab their attention first. Being active on LinkedIn and start engaging with your prospective clients. Share something useful in your profile so that they will get back to you to get more information. If you don’t have time to do this, consider hiring social media organizer to get the tasks done.

Social media engagement

As mentioned, it is important to engage with your future customers. This is exactly how you build your brand image and relationships with customers. It does not hurt to share valuable content with other people. You can be their 411 on certain topics. And they will follow your profile to see the upcoming content from you. Just make sure you do this regularly so that they won’t get down when expecting the routine content post. You should share the content that is valuable for people, and related to your niche of course.

Keep Updating Your Profile

Setting up your profile is not once and you can just leave it be. You need to update it regularly. When you update your profile, your connections will get the notifications from the LinkedIn automated system. Of course, it is a significant aspect that makes your profile get highlighted over time. Not updating your profile may shrink your profile to the bottom.

Join the Groups

LinkedIn Groups can be the most effective tool for your business. If you are looking for targeted audiences, then joining the groups is the best move. You can join as many as a hundred groups. Consider joining the groups in your niche first. Then you can continue joining with the groups in general which have a large number of members. You can share something or comment on existing posts in the groups. Make sure you read the guidelines of the group before interacting with other members of the group. Each group has different rules. Take your time to read them and respect their community. You will see what you get when you share something useful there. Your clients won’t only find you from the groups. When you post or comment in a group, chances are you will be found by other members who use a LinkedIn search engine. They will type the phrase or keywords. And if your posts or comments are matched, you’ll be found. Don’t hesitate to interact with other members of the group as much as you want. You’ll be surprised at how the good impact will affect your LinkedIn Profile visibility.

Endorse and Get Endorsed

When you endorse other people to vouch them for the skills they have, they will likely do them for you too. As we mentioned, LinkedIn is about reciprocal interactions. By endorsing someone, you directly give them benefit in promoting themselves on LinkedIn. Your endorsements and recommendations will also be shown in the others’ profile, which gives you visibility as well.


Following the tips above, guaranteed you will attain more clients than before. Whether you’ve just started or you are in the midway of building your image, you will be helped with these tips. Best Wishes!

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